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The Nazareth Academic School of Nursing is part of the Nazareth Trust. Established in 1924 to equip  professionally trained nurses, we have now seen over 2,000 men and women graduate as registered nurses. Most of our graduates come from the local area around Nazareth. The majority go on to work in Israel, but some do travel abroad and work in other countries.

Our values of love, compassion and respect shape how our staff and students work together. These values are important, as they create a culture where all can learn and grow, whatever the person’s background or belief. Our students come from all parts of Israel with a wonderful mix of cultures, which is why our approach is not just focused on nursing but on developing the whole person to draw out skills, talents and a strong sense of understanding of how we work alongside others.

We currently have around 300 students in any one cohort but we would like to grow our capacity, offering nursing education to anyone who knocks at our door.

Students need to pass the State exam in Hebrew, and so, despite the fact that Hebrew is not the first language of many of our students, they work hard and we are proud to say that in the last 10 years their success rate was always close to 98-100%.

At this specific time, we as a school were selected according to stringent objective criteria, as the second top school in Israel.  A certificate was awarded to us in a special celebration and got respect from the minister of health in February 2018.

In late September 2017, the Nazareth School of Nursing secured a new agreement to start a B.A nursing programme in partnership with Emeq Israel College. This will broaden student choice and help us to further our plans to train the best nurses we can.

Enjoyable Activities at Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

Enjoyable Activities at Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

In a family atmosphere full of love and laughter, a group from the state of Georgia in the USA visited the Nazareth Hospital and the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing. […]

Memorial service in remembrance of Nancy martin

Memorial service in remembrance of Nancy martin

  It is with great sadness that we have learnt this week of the passing of Nancy Martin. Nancy and her husband Bob were great servants of the Nazareth Hospital […]