Nazareth Academic School of Nursing

Our Staff

Our Staff are committed to drawing out the potential in each student who attends the school.

The school staff aim to develop each student through understanding the social emotional background, this equip the students to develop themselves and acquire values of excellence, empathy and offering service to all.


The director of the School of Nursing has been in position since 1995, Dr Amal Khazin, reports directly to the CEO and deputy CEO in Nazareth Trust, and also to the department of Nursing in the ministry of Health.

She is a PhD graduate from University of Illinois at Chicago in Nursing Science.

Yousef Shinnawi, Samia Abu Rabie, Omar Darawsheh, Kamal Dahamsheh, Shouk Atamleh, and Nariman Srouji are all full time teachers who are trained to Masters’ level. We are pleased to be working with Faten Graieb, who holds B.A. in Nursing. They are all from the local area and have many years of experience in teaching nursing science subjects, each in their own particular discipline.

Dr Jeries Jadaon, Dr Yasser Huggerat and Dr Jawdat Eid are all PHD level lecturers. Mrs Nour Abu Ahmad and Mr Roni Elias all teach non-nursing subjects.

We also have a very supportive administrative team, made up of Ronza Bisharat, Suha Kasabri and Huda Sheeti.

Our staff understand the cultural background of our students and work to invest in each individual. This ensures that students graduate with the highest possible level nursing skills and can go on to develop themselves, both professionally and personally.